Radio Database Creator

Each Trig stack radio comes with a Trig USB. Each stick contains a sample database file. You can create your own unique frequency database with up to 250 saved channels. A PC or laptop is required with a USB port to configure and load the USB stick. Follow the simple instructions below to create your own frequency database.


How do I create a radio database using the Trig database creator?

The radio database creator will help you make personalised radio frequency database.

Start your database by selecting, ‘ADD A STATION.’

  1. In the first box type in the airfield name, this is limited to six characters.
  2. In the second box choose your frequency type.
  3. Finally, in the last box, type in your frequency.
  4. If you decide to remove a frequency, you can click the minus ( – ) sign in the blue box.

To add another station simply click ‘ADD A STATION’ and start the process again.

Once you have finished adding all your stations click, ‘MAKE YOUR DATABASE,’ this will automatically create a csv. file and will download the complete database onto your PC.

If you have made a mistake the database loader will highlight the error, so you can fix the error. You will not be able to download your database if there is a known mistake.

Plug the Trig USB into your computer and save this download to the Trig USB, overwriting the sample file.

The Trig radio will only recognise the database if the file is saved in the following way. You must save the download to your Trig USB as a csv. file called TRIGCOM.CSV

How do I create a radio database using a PC?

If you do not want to use the Trig database creator you can make your own database by using a PC.

Once the USB is plugged into the PC, open the CSV file that is saved on the memory stick. This file can be opened with either a text editor or spread sheet application, such as Microsoft Excel.

This file has a few sample frequencies already saved. Follow the same convention as the sample frequency’s and add all radio channels that you would like.

Once you are happy with your database, you can save this to your Trig memory stick.

You must save your spreadsheet to your Trig USB as a csv. file called TRIGCOM.CSV

How do I upload my radio frequency database to my Trig radio?

Once you are happy with your database, save this to your memory stick.

To load the database into your radio, you need to put the memory stick into your radio’s USB port when the unit is turned off.

When the radio is then powered on, it detects the USB stick and will offer to save or load your database, select ‘Load USB data to radio.’

If there are data entries already on your radio you will be offered the choice to replace the whole database, or add entries from the USB stick.

Scroll through your options by tuning the kHz knob. MEM allows you to select the highlighted option.

To finish loading your database, switch the radio off, remove the USB device and turn the radio back on.

In normal radio operation, the USB port is powered off.

What type of frequencies can I add?

You can use:


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