STC Program (FAA)

In the U.S. installing a compliant ADS-B Out solution (in a certified aircraft) requires your Trig transponder to utilise a certified WAAS GPS, this provides a compliant ADS-B position source. The FAA also requires that a certified ADS-B installation is completed in accordance with an FAA STC approval (Supplementary Type Certificate).

Our ADS-B STC’s are available free of charge and cover hundreds of aircraft types. Trig STC approvals allow the use of popular WAAS GPS navigators too – making installation more practical and cost-effective. Our TA70 GPS antenna has also been added to our STC equipment list.

Click on the links below to find the products STC certificate and AML list.

TT31 Transponder

TT22 Transponder

TY96/96A Radio

TX56/56A and TX57/57A Nav/Com

STC Provision 

You can check the applicable approved model list (AML) and GPS equipment within each STC.

The FAA STC is available free of charge from appropriately qualified Approved Trig Dealers. The STC pack can be accessed from the Trig Dealer Portal, only by qualified Approved Trig Dealers.

Further Information

Please bear in mind that STC requirements differ from country to country. If you wish to gain more information about any of these specific STC approvals please contact

Customers in the U.S. should be aware that FAA, 14 CFR 91.227 requires that a compliant ADS-B Out solution uses a Class 1 transponder. The TT22 is a Class 1 device and meets this requirement. The TT21 is a Class 2 device and does not meet this regulation.