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Overview of Trig Product Range

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TT31 Transponder
TT31 Transponder - Class Leader
The TT31 is our class leading Mode S and ADS-B capable transponder. It’s the perfect choice for both aircraft upgrades and new installations.

TT21 - Compact Performer
The worlds’ smallest and lightest GA Mode S transponder. The TT21 is our most popular transponder and provides a great value way to become Mode S equipped and ADS-B capable (Class 2).

TT22 - High Power Performer
The TT22 shares all the installation benefits of the TT21 but has a higher power output. It’s suitable for high performance and/or high altitude use and is Mode S and ADS-B capable (Class 1).


TY91 Radio
TY91 Radio - Compact Comm
The TY91 is a fully certified 25 kHz / 8.33kHz VHF radio. The 6 watt model is ideal for the majority of light sport and general aviation pilots.

TY92 - High Power Comm
The TY92 is a fully certified 25 kHz / 8.33kHz VHF radio. With a greater nominal power output of 16 watts it is suitable for higher performance aircraft that have a 28 volt power supply.

TY96 - Slimline VHF Radio
The TY96 is our elegant and feature rich VHF radio - designed for general aviation and light sport pilots everywhere

TY97 - Slimline High Power VHF Radio
The TY97 is our elegant and feature rich 16 Watt VHF radio - designed for more demanding conditions and professional aviation

GPS Receivers

TN72 GPS Receiver
TN72 GPS Receiver - The affordable GPS for ADS-B
The TN72 is a certified GPS position source for Trig transponders - best suited for VFR voluntary equippage, where ADS-B Out is not mandatory.

TN70 - The GPS for 2020 ADS-B compliance
The TN70 is made for Trig transponders - it is a fully compliant FAA TSO C-145 GPS and TSO C-190 antenna for your 2020 ADS-B Out installation.

GPS Antennas

TA70 GPS Antenna
TA70 GPS Antenna - The GPS certified antenna of choice for Trig equipment
The TA70 meets the latest requirements for ADS-B. It is light weight with a superior retro-fit capability that makes it a popular choice.


TMA44 Audio Panel
TMA44 Audio Panel - Standard Audio Panel

TMA45 - TMA45 - Superior Audio Panel

UAS Products

TT26 UAS Products
TT26 UAS Products - TT26 - One box four UAS solutions
The only fully certified ADS-B solution for serious UAS operations.