TT21/TT22 Service Bulletins for pilots

TT21 and TT22 Transponders

Software versions run numerically, the higher the number the more recent the release – so the latest software will always include all the features of earlier versions.

17/04/2018         version 2.13 – Current software version

This software improves GPS-only air/ground determination algorithm for ADS-B Out.

04/09/2017        version 2.12

This software adds support for Trig TN72 as a 14 CFR 91.227 compliant ADS-B position source and adds GPS only air-ground determination algorithm for ADS-B Out.

24/03/2017        version 2.11

This software improves general transponder behaviour in gliders implementing ADS-B. 2.11 also adds some minor performance improvements.

28/10/2016        version 2.10

This software adds compatibility with GPS position sources, such as the Trig TN72.

11/06/2015         version 2.7

This adds compatibility with Garmin’s ADS-B Plus protocol for GNS and GTN navigators. This allows these Garmin units to be used as the GPS source for certified ADS-B Out. Additional support added for Trig ADS-B protocol, this allows Avidyne’s IFD440/540 to be used as the GPS source for ADS-B. Certain transponder warning messages will clear when the warning conditions are no longer present.  Introduction of support for TSO-C199 TABS GPS position sources.

14/09/2012         version 2.4

Updates ADS-B Extended Squitter functionality to RTCA DO-260B standard (required by 14 CFR 91.227). New interfaces added for Garmin 4X0W and 5X0W and further interface improvements made.

09/03/2010         version 1.4

This software adds the ability to receive TIS ‘A’ traffic in relevant US airspace.

30/06/2009         version 1.2

This version improves transponder operation in high temperature environments.