August 30, 2018

Pilot’s operating EASA registered aircraft with a Trig transponder can now become ADS-B Out equipped using their existing Garmin navigator.

Configuring a TT31 or TT22 transponder and a GNS or GTN WAAS navigator with a simple two wire connection enables ADS-B.

This means, with the right combination of equipment, customers can take full advantage of the GNS or GTN avionics that are already installed in their aircraft. An easy installation, a quick software update and Trig’s STC paperwork opens the door to being ADS-B equipped.

This new EASA ADS-B STC is available through Trig’s network of dealers. Trig Avionics are leaders in ADS-B technology – using a Trig Mode S transponder and GPS in combination provides electronic visibility to other aircraft – significantly enhancing flight safety.

Trig Customer Support Manager James Forbes said, “Our latest EASA STC allows numerous aircraft types to become ADS-B Out equipped. We have provided this STC approval free of charge to our dealers, so European pilots can benefit from the added safety that ADS-B Out offers.

Trig’s STC comes with an AML (approved model list) covering 650 aircraft types for the TT31 transponder and over 350 aircraft types for the TT22 transponder. Customers who don’t have a GNS or GTN navigator can use a Trig TN72 GPS position source and TA70 antenna.

The TN72 is certified to ETSO-C199 and is ideal for ADS-B Out voluntary equipage (with a Trig transponder). Installation of the TN72 GPS in EASA aircraft uses an EASA Minor Change, a supporting AML list is available from Trig. For new customers this demonstrates how a Trig ADS-B capable transponder is, as the company claim, ‘better by design’ and a good choice in a new aircraft too.

Don’t miss the opportunity of getting more from your existing avionics. Installing a Trig ADS-B solution could be easier than you imagined!

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