TY91 on the edge of space – Perlan 2

November 12, 2015

Trig provides vital communications for the Perlan 2 Project.

Flying to the outer limits of the earth’s atmosphere Perlan 2 is a revolutionary carbon fibre glider that will soar to 90,000 feet – higher than any other airplane has sustained flight. Airbus, the primary sponsor is investing millions into this ambitious research project. Trig Avionics is proud to announce that the Perlan 2 is fitted with a Trig TY91 compact radio, providing a communications lifeline for its pilots.

“The TY91 provided flawless intercom in the cockpit and communications with air traffic control”

Following a successful maiden flight at Redmond Airport in the U.S. the Perlan 2 team endorsed Trig’s contribution; Chief Pilot Jim Payne piloted Perlan 2 on a 5,000 foot test flight that lasted 30 minutes. He said, “Weight is a critical factor, we have to consider every ounce to be able to soar to extreme altitudes. Our minimal avionics fit includes a TY91 radio. The Trig unit is lightweight, compact and energy efficient. Our first flight was a great success, the aircraft performed well, the TY91 provided flawless intercom in the cockpit and communications with air traffic control and our ground support team.  It will be an important tool in achieving our objectives as over the next few months, we will work towards our 90,000 foot target. To exploit the best soaring conditions we will maintain constant radio contact with our operational support team.”

Trig CEO Andy Davis said, “It’s great to see our radio technology being used in such an important project. GA pilots can equally benefit from our VHF radio technology which is smart, affordable and future proof.” Trig’s TY91 compact 8.33/25 kHz radio is easier to use, faster to tune and comes with features such as Dual Control and a built in two place intercom. Trig’s ‘Better by Design’ approach ensures their avionics offer pilots the best mix of features and quality whatever you fly; glider, light sport or general aviation aircraft.

Future Perlan 2 flights are planned in Nevada in the U.S., building up to an attempt to break the world altitude record next year in Argentina, using stratospheric mountain waves and the polar vortex to soar to the edge of space.  Airbus Group is collaborating with a community of scientists and volunteers, all keen to explore the upper atmosphere where air density is similar to that on Mars.‎

Perlan 2 has an 84 foot wingspan and weighs 1,800 pounds. It carries a crew of two along with sensitive scientific instruments, life support systems and two safety parachutes. The previous glider altitude record of 50,722 feet was set by Perlan Project founder Einar Enevoldson and his co-pilot Steve Fossett in 2006.