TY91 now with Dual Control

December 9, 2014

Trig Avionics has just unveiled their latest exciting product. Trig’s TY91 and TY92 VHF 8.33 radios can now be ordered as a Dual Control Kit.

This allows two radio controllers to integrate with a single Trig radio hardware box. Andy Davis, Trig CEO said, “Dual Control is ideal for two place tandem aircraft and gliders, many of which are used for training. Dual Control now makes radio communication from either seat simple. This additional functionality is competitively priced and adds real value to Trig radios.”

Using Dual Control is intuitive and easy. Common functions such as volume adjustment, frequency selection, transmit and flip-flop can be made in either cockpit. A clear status display ensures both pilots can see controller selections being made.  A ‘smart set’ feature automatically ensures that important menu settings are duplicated from one controller to another. This removes potential confusion, ensuring consistent menu information in both cockpit controllers is maintained.

Trig’s Dual Control is ideally suited for training and flight school use. Safety features are designed in; for example the radio enables an instructor to override a pupil who may have accidently turned the radio volume down. This demonstrates Trig’s ‘Better by Design’ philosophy – ensuring use of the radio is stress free.

Trig’s controller is also highly compact and fits in the tightest panel space. The radio hardware box can be installed elsewhere in the cockpit. This makes installation simple and creates additional panel space for other instruments. Vintage tandem aircraft often have open cockpits; the TY91 radio controller is splash proof making it suitable for pilots who may suffer the occasional rain cloud.

Existing TY91 installations can be upgraded with the purchase of a single TC90 Controller as a retro-fit.  This contains a TC90 and installation kit, allowing the new controller to be connected to the original radio hardware.  A software upgrade for the original installed controller will be necessary – a simple process available from any suitably qualified Approved Trig Dealer.