Trig TT26 – cutting edge technology and training heralds BVLOS operations

December 18, 2017

Unmanned Aircraft Systems will be at the forefront of future aerial tasking across numerous commercial applications.

The UAS industry is keen to move towards BVLOS – Beyond Visual Line of Sight Operations, opening up the true capabilities of UAS platforms. Transponder experts Trig Avionics’ latest TT26 certified transponder represents a step change in capability – allowing UAS platforms to meet ICAO international airspace surveillance standards up to 70,000 feet.

A new generation of professional UAS flight training capability is also emerging – helping the global UAS industry gear up for BVLOS. The International School of Unmanned and Remotely Piloted Aviation (ISURPA) is a highly respected training organisation, dedicated to delivering the highest training standards in UAS operations. Ex-Royal Navy Observer and ISURPA CEO Nigel Breyley, said, “The future of the UAS industry will rely upon integration in shared airspace. This requires UAS pilots to up skill, holding the same high standards of airmanship and knowledge as conventional pilots and using equally high standards of equipment. The capacity to integrate Trig’s TT26 in UAS platforms makes a significant and positive contribution to UAS safety. Adopting certified avionics has to be a good move for operators – it is also safer for other airspace users and critically should help win the confidence of air navigation service providers and regulators too.”

The TT26 is a single box with four UAS certified solutions, it contains; a Mode S 1090ES transponder certified to 70,000 feet, 2020 rule compliant ADS-B Out (meets TSO C166b), an internal GPS that (meets TSO C145) and a built in certified altitude encoder. The unit weighs only 485g and can be integrated in existing platforms and auto-pilots using RS232 and RS485 protocols.

UAS operations increasingly rely upon a robust safety case, underpinned by using Trig technology. ISURPA has endorsed Trig’s TT26 transponder as a significant step towards building the case for BVLOS operations. Breyley said, “Trig’s latest transponder is unique, it reflects the high standards and requirements that ISURPA are seeking to promote across the industry. The TT26 provides a huge improvement to any safety case and also to operational capabilities at the same time – it reflects the increased professionalism we hope to see in this exciting and developing industry.”

Learn more about ISURPA here.


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