Trojan Phlyers fly with Trig at the Aviator Showcase

September 23, 2021

The AOPA Aviator Showcase will profile the best avionics and cockpit technology to pilots and aircraft owners.

The Trojan Phlyers Flight Demonstration Team are at this event to share their aviation expertise. They will also be representing and demonstrating Trig Avionics products on Booth number 14 in the Exhibition Hall, at Fort Worth Alliance Airport Texas, on the 1st of October.

The Trojan Phlyers have a growing profile, performing their amazing close formation two ship display – flying the famous T-28 Trojan warbird. Their association with Trig Avionics evolved from their proven experience of using these avionics in the toughest display conditions. Team Leader Chip Lamb explained,

“Our T-28 airplanes use Trig’s well regarded Mode S and ADS-B Out and VHF equipment. We are flying the Trig flag for our hometown crowd at this event. We rely on these certified avionics to guarantee our participation and safety at airshows. We can genuinely recommend Trig to AOPA pilots – these avionics have worked well in our Trojans, even in high temperature, high humidity, and high G airshow environment.”

Chip Lamb is a retired USAF pilot with combat experience. He extensively flew the F4 Phantom and F16 Falcon in service. His wingman, Robert Johnson is a civilian pilot, with the skills and experience to handle an airplane that weighs over four tons. The team promises speed, smoke, thunder, and excitement – all delivered as part of their unique flying routine!

Chip shared, “Sadly due to Covid travel restrictions our friends from Trig are unable to attend the showcase. We are however looking forward to meeting pilots, talking about flying and demonstrating Trig’s VHF Com radios, audio panels, navigation, and GPS equipment. As we have discovered Trig provides airplane owners with compelling features, quality and value.”

Marketing Manager at Trig, Jon Roper said, “It’s a great opportunity to meet Chip and Robert at the Aviator Showcase. Come and see Trig products and discover how flying with Trig can benefit your aircraft too.”

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Photo credit – Larry Ley