Trig’s TN72 Minor Change Approval is now available for EASA Certified Aircraft

June 20, 2018

The Trig TN72 GPS Position Source is a highly affordable and certified TSO-C199 device that allows a Trig transponder to become 1090 ADS-B Out.

Trig is delighted to announce that the TN72 GPS Position Source now has EASA minor change approval. This allows easier installation, Trig’s minor change approvals are free and the TN72 can now be installed into hundreds of EASA certified aircraft types covered under this approval.

Installing the TN72 GPS Position Source with a Trig transponder enables ADS-B Out, this means your aircraft will be seen by all ADS-B In traffic devices. The TN72 GPS Position Source improves your safety in the sky making you visible to all ADS-B In equipped aircraft. You can fly with confidence knowing that the TN72 is certified and you can be seen.

Not only will you be seen by all ADS-B In traffic devices, you will also be doing your part in improving the safety of the aviation community, making the skies a safer place. Using lower grade uncertified GPS equipment, instead of a TN72 may result in your aircraft not being visible on popular ADS-B In traffic displays. Don’t compromise your and other pilot’s safety.

A TN72 GPS Position Source, costs £ 299 ex tax and a GPS antenna the TA70 is also available from Trig. Trig Marketing Manager Jon Roper said, “Pilots already using a Trig transponder can upgrade to ADS-B Out by installing a TN72. In busy skies it’s a small price to pay for the benefit of improved safety. Now that the TN72 has a minor change in place installation is practical and straight forward across an extensive list of GA aircraft types.”

The TN72 Minor Change is available here.