Australian ADS-B Rebate – Trig the smart choice

Trig is the smart choice for pilots looking to get equipped under the Australian Governments ADS-B Rebate Program.

Trig equipment is designed to provide you with best mix of quality, features and value. With the world’s best certified transponder and TABS combination in its class, Trig’s superior technology will enhance your VFR flight safety. Trig is affordable too, maximising the value you can get from the ADS-B Rebate Program. Government payments are available to cover up to 50% of funding for ADS-B equipment and installation (to a maximum of $5,000 Australian dollars).

All Trig Mode S transponders are ADS-B Out capable and certified to TSO C166b, the latest technical standard approved in CASA’s rebate.

Download our ADS-B Rebate Pilot Briefing Guide for Australia (PDF) and read about our ADS-B products below .

Plan your Trig installation

Make sure you start your ADS-B upgrade soon, as demand will grow ahead of the funding deadline.

Existing Trig transponder customers can easily upgrade to ADS-B Out by adding a Trig GPS position source. Your installed transponder may require a simple software update from your local dealer.

ADS-B Conspicuity Bundle – this is a highly popular ‘one box’ package that includes a TT21 Compact Transponder, a TN72 GPS and a TA50 GPS antenna. This Mode S transponder and TABS combination is capable of SIL 3 / SDA 2 output, an impressive technical standard that makes Trig future proof. All Trig transponders use an external antenna for ADS-B Out, ensuring a superior output and long range.

Stack Transponder – Trig offers a panel mount Mode S stack transponder called the TT31 this is ADS-B capable and will accept various GPS devices, including GNS and GTN WAAS Navigators. The TT31 can also be paired with a Trig GPS.

Compact Transponder – the TT21 is a small, light weight transponder that is Mode S and ADS-B Out capable. When connected to a GPS source, this pairing provides vital positional data. The TT21 is designed to fit in the tightest panel space and is a 130 watt model. A higher power version the TT22 is also available for high performance / high altitude flight.

TN72 GPS Position Source – the TN72 is certified to TSO-C199 it is simple to install and delivers class leading accuracy and performance. The TN72 requires a suitable GPS antenna. The TA50 compact antenna is a small device that can be used in low wing aircraft on the panel coaming. The TA70 certified antenna is best suited to metal skinned / high wing aircraft and is fitted externally.

Details of compact wiring harnesses and antennas are available, these make installation easier and quicker – click on the links for details.


For those customers who need an STC, Trig has a free FAA ADS-B STC for its TT22 and TT31 Class 1 Transponders. The STC covers the installation of a TT31 or TT22 transponder, paired with either the Trig TN70 GPS or GNS / GTN WAAS Navigators.

Please check with your dealer the specific CASA ADS-B regulations as they apply to your aircraft type, operating under voluntary ADS-B in VFR fight conditions.

Read more about ADS-B and CASA’s rebate in Trig’s latest Press Release

Trig Avionics is established in Australia with a network of Approved Trig Dealers and dedicated Trig Service Centre for the customer support.

Pilots are advised to check the regulations pertinent to their aircraft type, before purchase.

To buy Trig products contact your local Approved Trig Dealer

To get technical support contact the Trig Service Centre, they will be happy to answer technical questions about Trig products.


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