Trig brings new products to AEA Palm Springs

March 25, 2019

Highlight of the global avionics calendar is the annual AEA, Aircraft Electronic Association Convention.

Palm Springs California formed the backdrop, as Trig Avionics CEO Andy Davis formally presented the TX56A and TX57A Nav/Com family. Trig also launched a new Course Deviation Indicator (CDI) the TI106 in addition to a Trig’s latest compact GPS antenna, the TA50.

Andy Davis said, “The TX56A Nav/Com is a significant addition to our product family. Pilots can now install an entire Trig stack in their aircraft. Our avionics offer the best mix of quality, features and value. We aim to start first customer shipments of our Nav/Com later this summer.”

Trig is highly regarded for their innovative design, the TX56A is no exception. It comes in a slimline case that is only 1.3” tall, making it easier to fit in a stack. The unit’s superior display has a ‘sweep feature’ which simplifies the presentation of both Nav and Com data. Practical features include the nav’s ability to automatically decode idents. Pilots can use the TX56A to monitor two com frequencies or two nav frequencies – this enables a fix of intersections and results in greater navigational accuracy. A built-in digital CDI saves space and expense, whilst a configurable database for frequencies and identifiers gives complete control of all your VHF and navigational references via a USB upload. The TX56A has a built in two place stereo intercom and support for stereo music. Finally, Trig’s popular ‘Say Again’ feature is included – a single button re-plays the last received VHF communication, avoiding the need to transmit ‘Say Again’.

The TX56A and TX57A are ‘A’ models that are 760 channel variants – this makes them ideal for non-European use (TX56 and TX57 variants are 8.33 kHz equipped and will launch this summer). The TX56A is a 10-Watt unit. The higher powered TX57A is a 16-Watt unit for aircraft with a 28-volt supply.

Trig’s TI106 CDI makes an ideal replacement or forward fit display for Nav/Coms, including the TX56A or TX57A. Using solid state technology, it provides smooth and dependable cues for the pilot. By using enhanced LCD backlighting the resulting display is superior to older technology.

Trig are experts in ADS-B and the new TA50 compact GPS antenna provides soaring, experimental and light sport pilots with a highly discrete GPS antenna, where cockpit space is tight. Used with a TT22 transponder and TN72 GPS Position Source the new GPS antenna completes an ADS-B Out installation that meets FAR 91.227 in these airplane types. The TA50 is available with either a 3ft antenna cable, $62 list ex. tax or 9ft antenna cable, $69 list ex. tax.