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Out of Warranty Repairs

May 21, 2014

Supporting grass roots aviation is important to us, and we are keen to encourage customers to support their local Approved Trig Dealer. In the coming months we anticipate that a large number of our transponders will no longer be covered by the original Trig warranty.

Our new product support pages encourage Trig customers to access the Approved Trig Dealer network if out of warranty repair is required. This provides potential revenue in the form of labour costs from diagnostics and testing for faults. However, our Field Support Engineer Andy Campbell shares,

It can be frustrating for customers to find that a unit returned for repair actually has nothing wrong with it, or the wrong part of the transponder system has been sent back for repair. This can lead to unnecessary costs in both shipping and out of warranty charges. Providing customers with a means of testing their transponder system at a local dealership will help diagnose if the fault lies in the installation or with the Trig product. I’m convinced this will provide customers with the most efficient and professional support that Trig wish to offer”.

Please can you review your dealer testing procedures for out of warranty repairs. You will obviously charge customers for labour cost if fault finding is part of the task, but we do not expect dealers to mark up costs on the standard repair rates that Trig charge. The following standard charges for out of warranty repairs are shown below. Please note that all shipping costs are in addition to the standard repair fee and should be charged to the customer.

TC20 – £   50.00

TT21 – £  200.00

TT22 –  £ 200.00

TT31 –  £ 250.00

If you would like to contact Andy Campbell about fault finding and diagnosis you can e-mail him at

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