The world’s smallest Mode S transponder: now with the bigger engine option

September 16, 2011

Trig Avionics has announced a new high-power member of its Mode S transponder family. The new system will be available in January 2010. The list price of the unit is £1875.

The new transponder is called the TT22, and is based on the design and technology of the best selling TT21 Mode S transponder. The key difference is that the transmitted output power of the TT22 is higher, qualifying the unit as a Class 1 transponder. Class 1 transponders are used on high performance aircraft – those cruising faster than 175 knots, and operating above 15,000 feet.

The TT22 is fully certified with EASA ETSO and FAA TSO approval for IFR and VFR flight.

“The TT21 is very popular, especially in the microlight and glider communities,” said Andy Davis, CEO of Trig Avionics. “What was missing was a higher output version. With the TT22 we are adding just that.”

Like the TT21, the TT22 weighs less than 500 grams, and consists of a front panel controller with a separate transponder block. The TT22 is ideal for circumstances where there is not much panel space.

An altitude encoder is built into the controller, so no extra boxes are needed to complete the transponder system.

The TT22 is part of the Trig Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast (ADS-B) product line, and includes extended squitter ADS-B out, a key feature of future airspace plans. An appropriate GPS receiver is required to enable the ADS-B capability.