August 25, 2017

This year, at EAA Air Venture in Oshkosh Trig partnered up with Cessna and Piper Magazine for their ‘Get it all Give Away’ competition. The lucky winner received a Trig TT31 transponder. We are delighted to announce the winner is… Richard Brown from Michigan.

Trig was an official sponsor of the Cessna and Piper Magazines competition. This was open to all Cessna and Piper pilots at Air Venture and gave them the opportunity enter on the Trig booth. The prize was a complete Trig TT31 transponder with install kit and tray along with other equipment and avionics.

The winner, Richard Brown said, “Prior to entering the sweepstakes I was considering the TT31 transponder for my upgrade to ADS-B so this made the choice easier. I will be purchasing the TN70 GPS Receiver to complete the (ADS-B Out) system.”

Olivia Macfarlane, Trig’s Marketing Assistant said, “Winning this prize will make the change to ADS-B a lot easier for Richard.” Olivia, who was also at Oshkosh this year went on to say, “Our TT31 is an ideal Mode S and ADS-B capable transponder and is extremely popular with many Cessna and Piper owners. Many pilots choose the TT31 because it is a retro fit and plug and play unit for the KT76A, KT76C and KT78A.”

The owner of the 1979 Cessna 150 was already contemplating updating his panel. He said, “I was looking to do all of this, and I won the package instead, so I don’t have to purchase anything all. I am very excited about my win, honestly I have never won anything!”

Cessna and Piper Magazine reported, “Richard, traveled to Oshkosh with two of his friends who also flew their Cessna 150s there. He and his buddies often fly places “together-but-separately.” Richard said they’re now picking on him a bit, saying that he will soon have the most “decked-out” 150 in the area!”

Trig is delighted that Richard has won the TT31 transponder and hope he has many enjoyable flying adventures to come.

You too can enjoy the benefits of an easy installation, Mode S and ADS-B Out capable TT31 transponder. Click here to find out more.