TY96 and TY97 radios are landing

April 27, 2016

With the European 8.33 radio mandate fast approaching Trig Avionics has confirmed that their TY96 and TY97 VHF radios are now available to order.

Trig’s Marketing Manager Jon Roper said, “Pilots have shown real enthusiasm for these radios at the recent Aero Friedrichshafen show in Germany. As the radios are slimline and only 33mm tall they will easily fit into a stack where space is limited yet they are packed with pilot friendly features.” Approved Trig Dealers will reserve radios for customers on a first come first served basis. Jon Roper added “We’ve a short pause whilst EASA certification is completed, but production is under way and the order book is open. Trig customers should contact their Approved Trig Dealer soon to make sure they reserve a unit as shipments are due to commence in June.”

Trig’s ‘Better by Design’ ethos is evident within a practical and high quality design. The TY96 is a 10 Watt radio and the TY97 is a 16 Watt unit, both units come in an engineered housing that is lighter and shorter than 8.33 radio alternatives. Trig’s hallmark for energy efficient avionics means that no cooling fans are required. The radios high resolution display is bright, clear and uncluttered. A logical user interface makes frequency selection much faster. Trig’s unique ‘Push Step’ button makes tuning up to three times faster than other radios – this allows pilots to focus on flying and maintaining a good look out.

A database of over 200 frequencies and identifiers is loaded via the units USB port – this is created on a computer as a simple CSV file. The fully customisable database avoids regular subscription costs, giving the user complete control. Each radio has Dual Watch, allowing the monitoring of two frequencies. An Emergency button not only instantly displays 121.5 MHz, but also automatically sets both mic and headphone levels are open, ensuring a successful transmission. Finally, the Play button once pressed will play back up to 30 seconds of the last recorded transmission. This allows a pilot to listen again to a transmission avoiding the embarrassment of having to repeat “say again.”

The TY96 and TY97 radios are ideal as a forward fit or retro-fit option. Installation requires a Trig radio tray, which comes as a standard part in the installation kit. An aircraft’s existing antenna and wiring can be used, making installation straight forward. Fitting of new connectors is required and adding stereo ports is recommended too as the radio has a stereo two place intercom included with the capacity to play stereo music.

Jon Roper added “We are looking forward to shipping units in the near future. Both existing and new Trig customers will appreciate the space saving design and superb interface which makes using Trig products simple yet effective.”