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What do I need to get ADS-B?

If you have an existing Trig transponder then you already have one important part of your 1090ES ADS-B Out system. You may need to update your software to the latest version that offers the widest compatibility with third party avionics for full ADS-B Out capabilities.

If you are looking to select Trig and want to discover what other components you will need to create your ADS-B installation then this section provides the information you need. We understand you want an ADS-B system that’s reliable, easy to install and provides the best possible long term value.

Trig transponders meet these criteria, providing the hub to a 1090ES ADS-B Out solution

ADS-B Out typically requires;

  • A Trig TT31, TT22 or TT21 transponder – certified and ADS-B Out capable.
  • A suitable GPS Position Source – with associated cable and antenna. (In the U.S. if operating in 2020 rule airspace, Part 23 aircraft must use a certified WAAS unit GPS)
  • A Ground/Air determination method – Auto air/ground, Squat Switch, Airspeed Switch or Air Data Computer (this is mandatory in the U.S. but is not required in most countries – check with your local GA regulatory body)
  • Your transponder may require a new antenna if one is not already installed.
I’ve heard about the FAA mandate for 2020 but where can I find the actual regulations for ADS-B in the USA?

Within the USA, for ADS-B Out you will need:

  • An ADS-B transmitter such as the TT22 or TT31

Note: the TT21 is a Class 2 transmitter and does not meet the power requirements of FAR 91.227 required in North America in ADS-B air space after 2020.

What are the requirements for an FAA 2020 rule compliant GPS?

In a certified aircraft you will require a certified TSO C145 position source that meets the requirements of AC20-165 Appendix 2 – such as the Trig TN70.

Trig has an FAA STC program that covers other GPS units. This includes Garmin 400 and 500 series WAAS GPS navigators which can be used with a Trig TT22 or TT31 transponder.

Light Sport, Experimental Aircraft and Gliders can use the TN72 as an approved position source in FAA 2020 rule airspace.  This product is certified and meets TSO C199 but is not approved for certified aircraft in the U.S. flying in 2020 rule ADS-B airspace.

Outside the USA, for ADS-B Out you will need:
  • An ADS-B Out capable transponder – TT21, TT22 or TT31
  • Depending upon local regulations you may be able to use our TN72 GPS Source, this is certified and highly affordable.
  • If you require a TSO-C145 WAAS GPS position source then you should use a TN70.
  • Alternatively our STC for the TT22 and TT31 allows the pairing with a  Garmin WAAS GNS or GTN Navigator.
How do I get an STC for ADS-B?

Trig has an established FAA STC program with Peregrine Avionics of Denver. We aim to cover as many aircraft and equipment combinations as possible.  Click on the STC link to view our current STC provision.

Can I use my FLARM GPS as a position source?

Yes, as long as you are not trying to meet any regulatory requirements.  Most FLARM devices output GPS data using the NMEA protocol which is compatible with Trig transponders.  All Trig transponders look for $GPRMC NMEA messages.


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