TY96/TY97 Service Bulletins for pilots

TY96 and TY97 VHF Radio


15.02.2023        version 1.0

A very limited number of TY96A units were shipped with a potentially defective locking cam screw.  These units were shipped between 31st October 2022 and 28th November 2022.  This hardware service bulletin defines the range of serial numbers affected, indicates the process to identify a defective locking cam screw and provides guidance on the rectification process.


Software versions run numerically, the higher the number the more recent the release – so the latest software will always include all the features of earlier versions.

14/08/2019        version 1.9 – Current software version

Software version 1.9 makes the following changes:
1. Reduces the susceptibility to incorrect squelch opening on aircraft with very high levels of RF noise radiating from the ignition system.
2. Has minor improvements to audio performance on received signals.
3. Allows the radio to recall the previous tuning knob step sizes (8.33/25h/50 kHz when turned off)
4. Corrects an error when trying to load a frequency database with more than 255 entries.

11/06/2018         version 1.8

Extends the functionality of the TY96 when connected to the Garmin G3X system to allow the automatic squelch, dual watch (also known as monitor) and flip-flop to be controlled from either the radio or the G3X, as well as exchange of frequency and database information.

This update also enables an increased variety of USB flash drives to be used with the radio for database updates.

14/05/2018         version 1.7

Reduces background noise from electrically noisy installations and changes the scaling of the receiver volume control (radio volume now increases more quickly with clockwise rotation).

09/08/2017      version 1.6

This software improves memory behaviour by opening at the previously selected frequency record when re-entering the memory screen. Software version 1.6 also improves name lookup by always using the most recently selected memory choice when two entries have the same frequency.

20/02/2017       version 1.5

This software improves receiver performance and radio reliability. This update also improves compatibility with third party devices, including Dynon Skyview and Garmin G3X.

06/09/2016        version 1.3

This improves transmitter side tone performance when using the mono output.

02/08/2016        version 1.2

This software addresses radio reliability.