Trig Avionics



Proven for your rotary requirements

Effective rotary operations rely upon well designed avionics, providing aircrew with superb functionality and total reliability 24/7. Trig transponders, VHF radios and ADS-B traffic equipment meets these criteria.

Trig provides helicopter operators with certified avionics in a highly cost effective package. For example, commercial operators are using dual Mode S installations (configured to provide redundancy) at a fraction of the cost of previous ‘industry standard’ solutions. Our high power TY92 radios are deployed in demanding search and rescue operations. Helicopters in the Gulf of Mexico use our ADS-B equipment to fly to gas and oil platforms, our avionics give the visibility required to operate safely outside of airspace surveillance.

Our avionics are a popular retro-fit in rotary types. Small enough to be accommodated in a busy panel but with a quality of interface and display that provides quick and clear feedback. Our avionics are installed and operated in numerous rotary types including; Augusta, Bell, Eurocopter, Schweitzer and Robinson helicopters.

A family of products for rotary operators

Trig avionics offer rotary operators a choice of products that will suit the smallest panel space through to turbine types that require high powered 28 volt equipment. Search our products page to find out more and read our rotary case study.

Most popular helicopter products

TT22 - High Power Performer
The TT22 shares all the installation benefits of the TT21 but has a higher power output. It’s suitable for high performance and/or high altitude use and is Mode S and ADS-B capable (Class 1).

TY91 - Compact Comm
The TY91 is a fully certified 25 kHz / 8.33kHz VHF radio. The 6 watt model is ideal for the majority of light sport and general aviation pilots.

TY92 - High Power Comm
The TY92 is a fully certified 25 kHz / 8.33kHz VHF radio. With a greater nominal power output of 16 watts it is suitable for higher performance aircraft that have a 28 volt power supply.

TT31 - Class Leader
The TT31 is our class leading Mode S and ADS-B capable transponder. It’s the perfect choice for both aircraft upgrades and new installations.

TN70 - Smarter ADS-B
The TN70 is a companion product for Trig transponders. It provides a fully compliant FAA TSO C-145 certified WAAS GPS and antenna to complete your ADS-B Out installation.