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Growing numbers of air sports pilots are transponder equipped with Mode S. In the past this has been difficult, space and weight being limiting factors. Trig make the world’s smallest Mode S transponders, so now you can have more certainty flying in controlled air space – being seen and being safe. Using Mode S can reduce the frequency of position reporting, giving you more time to focus on your flying, adding to your flying pleasure.

Trig produces the best low power, light weight transponder and comms solutions available. The TT21 transponder and TY91 VHF radio come in two separate components (a compact head and hardware unit) this means installation options are numerous. The low power requirements of our avionics make Mode S a practical reality, even in the smallest space.

Pairing a TN72 GPS position source with a Trig transponder now allows our transponders to be configured for ADS-B Out. This technology, ADS-B makes you visible to all ADS-B In equipped aircraft, further enhancing your flight safety.

Glider customers in the U.S. looking to get ADS-B equipped should look at our ADS-B gliding guidance document this highlights equipment and regulations for both certified and experimental gliders.

Most popular products in this sector

Compact Transponder
Compact Transponder - TT21 and TT22
Our compact performers, efficient and space saving, Mode S and ADS-B capable.

Compact Radio
Compact Radio - TY91 and TY92
Our compact VHF radios - saving space and highly capable.

TN72 GPS Receiver
TN72 GPS Receiver - TN72
Our TSO-C199 TABS GPS position source - the affordable route to be ADS-B Out

TN70 / TN70A GPS Receiver
TN70 / TN70A GPS Receiver - TN70 Kit
Our TSO-C145 GPS position source (with antenna) for certified aircraft

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