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Gliders and lighter than air

Trig avionics – the ultimate weight savers

Growing numbers of air sports pilots are transponder equipped with Mode S. In the past this has been difficult, space and weight being limiting factors. Trig make the world’s smallest Mode S transponders, so now you can have more certainty flying in controlled air space, being seen and being safe. Using Mode S can reduce the frequency of position reporting, giving you more time to focus on your flying, adding to your flying pleasure.

Trig produces the best low power, low weight transponder and comms solutions available. The TT21 transponder and TY91 VHF radio is the perfect equipment to take to the air. These avionics come in two separate components (a compact head and hardware unit) this means installation options are numerous. The low power requirements of our avionics make Mode S equipped foot launched parachute or balloon flight a practical reality.


Most popular products in this sector

TT21 - Compact Performer
The worlds’ smallest and lightest GA Mode S transponder. The TT21 is our most popular transponder and provides a great value way to become Mode S equipped and ADS-B capable (Class 2).

TY91 Radio
TY91 Radio - Compact Comm
The TY91 is a fully certified 25 kHz / 8.33kHz VHF radio. The 6 watt model is ideal for the majority of light sport and general aviation pilots.