New Aerobatic Design – ‘Aura Aero’ selects Trig

July 8, 2020

Aura Aero is a French aircraft company who understands the passion for flight.

This company are dedicated to making aerobatics more affordable for GA pilots. Aura Aero’s innovative new aerobatic aircraft will take to the skies later this year, using Trig products as a standard fit.

The Aura Aero family will include two designs, the Integral R – a tailwheel version and the Integral S – a nosewheel type. These multi-purpose aircraft are suitable for training, aerobatics and touring. Both aircraft will use Trig’s compact transponder and radio, these certified avionics are light weight, compact in size and simple to operate – ideal for high performance flight.

“We respect Trig – we know Trig products are highly efficient and trustworthy.”

The team at Aura Aero explained why they selected Trig’s TY91 radio and TT21 transponder. Company representative Severine Desbois said, “We respect Trig as a European company, we know Trig products are highly efficient and trustworthy.”

These attributes are important in an aircraft that cruises at 180 knots and is capable of +9g and -9g. The Integral design uses an AEIO 4 cylinder, 180hp or 210hp engine, available with a fixed pitch or constant speed propeller. Severine said “high performance aerobatic aircraft are very expensive, but the Integral design encompasses all the performance and safety benefits of more expensive machines – but it can fly faster and at a fraction of the cost.”

Made with an efficient carbon fibre structure, Integral aircraft are light-weight and strong. A roomy and comfortable cabin features valuable safety measures, include anti-crash seats with shock-absorbers. The aircraft is fitted with anti-crash fuel tanks and a ballistic parachute – a world-first in an aerobatic rated airplane.

The Integral S and R are side-by-side designs. An EASA CS23 certified version should be available in 2021 with first deliveries planned in October 2021. Severine Desbois said. “We will offer a ‘best in class’ aerobatic aircraft ownership experience. We are delighted to have Trig Avionics as part of our innovative cockpit design solution in all Integral aircraft.”

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photo credit @mayolgreenfilms