Legend Aviator Luca Bertossio – Chooses Trig

January 18, 2021

The term ‘legend’ only applies to a select band of aviators.

Italian pilot, Luca Bertossio is one of the most skilled, successful and young competition pilots of modern times. At 30 years old Luca has won 18 FAI medals for glider aerobatics, seven of these were Gold.

For 2021, Luca Bertossio has chosen Trig Avionics to equip his high-performance gliders. Luca will fly with a Trig TT21 transponder and TN72 GPS system, providing Mode S and ADS-B Out capabilities.

Luca explained, “I wanted my gliders to be visible to air traffic control and other aircraft, in the skies around Bologna, where I instruct and operate. When we fly and instruct aerobatic flying, we need 99% of our attention on the student and on the manoeuvre technique. Knowing that other GA traffic can see me on their ADS-B displays makes me feel safer. This is particularly important when teaching  aerobatics, as I have minimal time to look around, as my focus is on the aerobatic sequence.”

“Why wait for a potential collision or accident when Trig technology is on hand to make flying safer”

“I am genuinely delighted with Trig – the equipment is small enough to fit in my panel and has been easy to install. Trig transponders are simple to operate yet meet the latest regulatory standards. The TT21 is a well-respected quality product, it is suited to the demands of high performance and aerobatic flying up to 10 positive and -7.5 negative g’s.”

Luca is keen to encourage other aircraft owners, glider pilots and the wider GA community to secure the safety benefits of fitting a Trig ADS-B Out solution. More GA pilots are using ADS-B In traffic receivers and the Trig TT21 and TN72 makes you visible to commercial, military and all ADS-B In equipped general aviation types. Luca said, “Why wait for a potential collision or accident when Trig technology is on hand to make flying safer? All pilots can benefit by using Trig’s ADS-B to enhance their safety, on every flight.”

Luca has a good basis to share his expertise with other pilots. He’s currently based near Bologna where he’s completing his ATPL(A) and CPL-IR MEP at one of the best Italian Flight Schools, while training at FlyOzzano for his aerobatics projects. Luca holds numerous other international aviation awards and has displayed at many prestigious airshows worldwide, including Oshkosh and Sun‘n’Fun. Having becoming the World Advanced Glider Aerobatic Champion, Vice World Unlimited Champion twice, Bertossio became the youngest World Air Games Champion in 2015. Luca welcomes pilots and visitors to fly with him in Bologna, and experience a memorable aerobatic flight or participate in aerobatic training.

As an ambassador for Trig, Luca will be wearing the Trig logo on his flying suit – he is committed to sharing his expertise and knowledge with students and other pilots.

Trig Marketing Manager Jon Roper said, “We are honoured that Luca selected Trig for his gliders. We know that he shares the same passion for aviation that we do at Trig. His endorsement of our ADS-B equipment is welcome, its wider use across aviation will genuinely enhance safety for all pilots and aircraft owners.”

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Photo credit – Federico D’Avella

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