Leaders in Flight Training ACS Aviation invest in ADS-B

February 23, 2022

One of the UK’s most successful flying schools, ACS Flight Training in Perth has announced its investment in Trig equipment.

On every flight, ACS aircraft will use Trig’s affordable TN72 GPS position source. This augments the installed transponder’s Mode S surveillance with ADS-B Out, ensuring aircraft are then visible ‘electronically’ in the air and from the ground.

Graeme Frater, Managing Director of ACS Aviation, shared why this is an important step for progressive flight training organisations. “Last year we flight tested a TN72 GPS unit, alongside a Trig TT31 transponder. The results were clear, fitting a TN72 enhances flight safety and using this certified equipment proved totally reliable. ACS has used Trig transponders successfully, rolling out this affordable upgrade across the fleet makes sense. ADS-B Out is the future, it reduces the risk of air-to-air collision, and provides live tracking of our training aircraft. Electronic visibility has operational benefits, allowing Flight Operations to more effectively manage our fleet in real time.”

“Fitting a TN72 enhances flight safety and using this certified equipment proved totally reliable.”

The TN72 GPS unit is small, light and can be installed away from the panel. It meets ETSO-C199 and uses a certified GPS antenna, called a TA70. This robust ADS-B Out solution exploits the transponders powerful output and external antenna, maximizing range and visibility to other traffic.

ACS is ready for the expected expansion in commercial aviation training. Graeme shared, “Here at ACS we have invested heavily to ensure our single engine fleet, our DA42 Diamond aircraft and our ground based Alsim 42 Flight Simulators provide students with the most complete and professional training environment. We offer a wide range of training courses, from ab initio through to ATPL, we have an accomplished track record of graduates who are now flying with airlines around the world.” The latest post Covid market analysis of UK and European commercial aviation predicts an annual growth rate of 3.1%. This expansion will require over 130,000 new pilots. “This is why this is great time to start your professional pilot training,” says Graeme.

Many of those successful pilots are full of praise for ACS, describing the training environment as, ‘friendly and professional’. Another ACS student remarked, ‘everybody at ACS is prepared to go the extra mile’. This is clearly a great environment to learn, with challenging flying and weather conditions which hone the skills of every pilot. Now with the added benefit of ADS-B from Trig, flying training at ACS is going from strength to strength.