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Radio FAQ's

Below are some FAQ’s regarding Trig radios

Are Trig radios easy to use?

The radio interface is simple and intuitive. All controls are positive and give good feedback, and can be used with gloves on. The ‘PUSH STEP’ button is a unique feature and allows the fastest selection between 25 kHz or 8.33 kHz steps.

In areas where 8.33 kHz is not used the push step function can be set to change between 25 kHz and 50 kHz steps, making frequency selection just as rapid.

Is the controller display visible in all lighting conditions?

The LCD display is clear and crisp in all lighting, full sunlight generates a very clear contrast and in dull or dark lighting the inbuilt lighting ensures the unit remains clear and legible. The controller has a backlight and manual dimming can be selected to increase or decrease brightness.

Can I use the radio without a headset?

Both radios have a built in speaker amplifier, this supports the connection of an auxiliary speaker allowing headset free operation. If using a dynamic microphone with a Trig radio please note an amplified adaptor will be required.

Can I play music through the radio?

All Trig radios have the capability to play music through your headset via an auxiliary input (mono).

What type of headset should I use?

Trig radios are designed to work with a standard aviation headset. Audio performance is good on both noise cancelling and standard headsets. If you wish to use the radio with headsets that have a built in intercom, such as those used in microlights you are advised to contact to check compatibility. You may require a third party intercom adaptor.

Can I operate the radio on batteries?

Operation of the radio from a battery is a practical option given the efficiency of the radio.  Your Trig radio can be relied upon for many hours when powered by battery, our installation guide, on the Trig web site provides guidance on the best power sources to select and the duration you should expect these to operate for.

However, the TY97 requires a supply of 22 to 33 volts so cannot be powered by battery.

How can I find out about the wiring required to install the radio?

For information on installing Trig radios both the operation manual and install manual can both be viewed or downloaded from the Radio Product Pages on the Trig web site. Click here for the TY91 product page and here for the TY96 product page.

Can I use CS-STAN to install a Trig radio?

Trig has created a CS-STAN document to help with your TY96/TY97 installations in EASA aircraft. To find out more about how to use a CS-STAN document – click here.

Can I link my GPS to the radio?

Yes, if your GPS supports the SL40 protocol then 8.33 channels, in addition to 25 kHz and 50 kHz frequency data and airfield identifiers will be displayed in the display window.

TC90 software version 1.5 adds support for 8.33 channel spacing on an SL40 GPS.

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