Meet the Trig Team this September

Pilots and vendors have the welcome opportunity to meet again, after the long pause forced by Covid.

The team at Trig is no exception – we will be attending three fly in events this September. Pilots are welcome to visit our stand, ask questions and see why Trig products are ‘Better by Design’.

The International MULM Event in Blois, France is a focal point for ultralight and light-sport forms of aviation. Trig’s compact family of transponder and radio products are ideally suited to these aircraft types. Dean Bryce, Sales Account Manager at Trig will be at the show, on hand to demonstrate Trig’s high-quality avionics that are lightweight and take up minimal space in the panel. Trig’s TN72 GPS is a natural upgrade to a Trig transponder, allowing European pilots to become ADS-B Out equipped, this improves flight safety at a minimal cost. The MULM takes place between the 2nd and 4th of September, at Blois aerodrome.

The Light Aircraft Association, Grass Roots Fly In is taking place over the same weekend, at Popham in the UK. Trig Team members Jon Roper and Katie Mathieson will be on hand to assist customers, in conjunction with LX Avionics who are Approved Trig Dealers. This show attracts a wide variety of aircraft and like Blois, Trig will be showing their latest TX56 Nav/Com. With a slimline form factor, and a unique set of capabilities the TX56 offers pilots a highly compelling combination of quality, features, and value.

AOPA in the USA is holding a Fly-In called AOPA ‘The Hangout’ at Felts Field, Spokane in Washington State, between the 9th and 10th of September. Dean Bryce and Jon Roper will have a Trig stand at the show. Trig Marketing Manager, Jon Roper said, “Recent additions to our product range include our Nav/Com and our transponder and VHF antennas. Trig now offers a full stack for less than $ 11K USD ex tax. This is seriously compelling for aircraft owners, who operate older airplanes, where the age and value of the airframe makes Trig the perfect solution. This AOPA event gives us a great opportunity to meet pilots and demonstrate the full suite of Trig products, we look forward to seeing folks at the show.”

Servicing the national powerline network, is a tough and demanding operational environment.

Haverfield Aviation are powerline professionals with a fleet of 25 helicopters – all these airframes needed a new VHF radio, one that their pilots could trust. Haverfield’s avionics expert John Self explained, “Flying at low level and close to electrical pylons, our pilots depend upon reliable and good quality equipment. After careful consideration, Haverfield committed to using the Trig TY96A across the fleet.”

Haverfield are industry leaders, with the ability to rapidly move crews and equipment to remote locations. John said, “The whole logistics team rely on radio communications, to safely complete our duties. Flying helicopters near power lines is a high-risk operation, particularly in rapidly changing weather conditions. Despite these realities our helicopters are dependable and well-engineered – just like the TY96A radio, we are impressed with the quality of Trig equipment.”

“Our helicopters are dependable and well-engineered – just like the TY96A radio”

The TY96A VHF radio is slimline, only 1.3 inches tall fitting easily into a rotary stack. The radio provides crisp and clear stereo communications. Designed to be easy to use, Haverfield pilots appreciate the TY96A’s faster tuning, dual watch and the popular ‘Say Again’ feature. This allows the pilot to repeat the last transmission, at the press of a single button. Uniquely, the radio also has a configurable USB custom database that can store over two hundred frequencies and identifiers.

John shared that the TY96A radio is already popular with company pilots. “Pilots love the clear and simple display and ease of adjustment”. In his role of avionics installer, John likes the challenges of juggling installs and troubleshooting aircraft, he has enjoyed installing all twenty-five radios!

“I have had zero complaints about the TY96As. Since we bond onto high energy powerlines, I am waiting to hear from our field crews of any issues with this type of electrical energy. So far, all reports have been positive.” Every certified TY96A radio meets helicopter vibration standards, in addition to a wide range of environmental approvals – including exposure to electro-magnetic interference.

Jon Roper, Marketing Manager at Trig said, “We are grateful to John and the team for sharing their positive experiences with the TY96A. General aviation pilots can get all the benefits of the slimline TY96A radio in their aircraft stack too. We wish John and the Haverfierld Team future success and safe flying.”

Trig Avionics will be at the world’s biggest aviation event, EAA Air Venture in Oshkosh from the 25th-31st of July 2022.

The company is now shipping their slimline TX56 Nav/Com, which completes the Trig stack – ideally suited to GA, experimental and light sport pilot’s needs. Additionally, a new range of Trig transponder and VHF antennas will be on show for the first time at the Trig booth.

Also, taking part in this years’ air display, the Trojan Phlyers Flight Demonstration Team will be performing. The team is supported by Trig and equipped with Trig transponders, ADS-B and VHF radios. Their two T-28 Trojan warbirds sport Trig logos. Team pilots Chip Lamb and Robert Johnson will be on the Trig booth during Tuesday and Thursday morning, ahead of their afternoon displays. Air Venture visitors are welcome to visit the Trig booth 3130, in Hangar C throughout the week.

Many pilots have already discovered that Trig’s certified products provide the best mix of features, quality and value

Trig Marketing Manager Jon Roper said, “It’s great to be shipping our TX56 Nav/Com and introducing further new antenna products to Air Venture this year. We are also delighted that the Trojan Phlyers will be thrilling the crowds with their incredible display. Their T-28 aircraft create some challenging operational conditions for our avionics, heat, vibration and pulling high levels of G, as they fly their close formation display. Come and meet Team Leader Chip Lamb and his Wingman Robert Johnson on the Trig stand, be inspired and find out how Trig can be a part of your aircraft and your flying story.”

Many pilots have already discovered that Trig’s certified products provide the best mix of features, quality and value. The company recently shared their new stack bundle – this includes a TMA44 Audio Panel, TY96A VHF Radio, TT31 Mode S Transponder and a TX56A Nav/Com with a list price of $ 10,935 This is a compelling option, for both homebuilders and OEMs – providing a neat slimline stack that looks great and delivers genuine value too. Trig provides upgrades for ADS-B and a CDI, if required.

The latest antenna products include two transponder antennas – the TA14 blade antenna, the TA12 compact ‘ball and rod’ type. Two new VHF antennas are also available to order – the TA10 straight VHF antenna and the TA17 angled VHF antenna. These products ensure the best performance from Trig’s range of transponder and radio hardware. Further details are available here,

In significant news, Trig Avionics has confirmed the immediate availability of its TX56 Nav/Com.

This is an important milestone, as the Nav/Com completes the Trig stack product line. The TX56 is a slimline unit, at only 33mm high this makes it easier to install, saving valuable space in any avionics stack.

Trig CEO Andy Davis said, “Trig’s Nav/Com product family has landed. Customers can now order their Nav/Com from our Approved Trig Dealers. We know customers are excited by the TX56’s space saving form factor and its compelling list of pilot friendly features.”

“Customers are excited by the TX56’s space saving form factor and its compelling list of pilot friendly features.”

The TX56 uses a bright high-resolution display, with the clearest presentation of Nav and Com information. The unit has a customisable frequency database which holds over 200 com and an additional 200 nav frequencies, loaded via a USB stick. Dual Watch allows the monitoring of two com frequencies at the same time. Monitoring of a second Nav VOR is also possible – improving navigational accuracy. Trig’s popular ‘Say Again’ feature is a single touch button which instantly re-plays the last received transmission, meaning you don’t have to transmit, ‘say again’. The Nav/Com includes a two-place intercom, with support for stereo music. All TX56 models have a built-in digital course deviation indicator (CDI). The Nav supports VFR and IFR navigation, including ILS approaches. Trig’s TI106, Course Deviation Indicator is also available, as the ideal panel mounted companion to any TX56 model.

Customers can now install a complete Trig stack by purchasing a TMA44 Audio Panel, TY96 VHF Radio and TT31 Mode S Transponder with their TX56 Nav/Com. A new Trig stack is a compelling package, with a good-looking harmonized design and an attractive price point of € 10,134.

Trig’s Nav/Com product family includes the TX56, with a 10-Watt transmitter. The TX57 is a higher powered 16-Watt version for 28-volt aircraft. Both radios feature 8.33kHz channel spacing. The price of the TX56 is € 4,100 and the TX57 is € 4,700. Two Nav/Com 760 channel (non 8.33kHz) versions are also available. The TX56A (10 Watt) costs € 3,900 and the TX57A (16 Watt) is € 4,500 all prices shown are list price and exclude sales tax.

Trig’s ‘Better by Design’ philosophy allows customers to benefit from innovative avionics, which are easier to use and offer the best mix of quality, features and value.

The Trojan Phlyers Flight Demonstration Team’s 2022 season has started in spectacular fashion. Securing the world’s largest air show stage – where they will fly the flag for Trig Avionics.

Team Leader Chip Lamb said, “We will be displaying our two T-28 Trojan warbirds at EAA Air Venture in July. We are honoured to have this opportunity, to excite the crowd and commemorate military aviators, both past and present. We are also grateful to Trig Avionics – as each T-28 uses Trig VHF radios, transponders and ADS-B Out technology. Communication and electronic surveillance are all important in contributing to the safety of our team’s flight operations.”

The T-28 Trojan served with distinction as a military trainer, it was also commissioned as a ground attack aircraft in Vietnam. The Trojan Phlyers display is a breath-taking mix of finesse, control and power. Chip and wingman Robert Johnson fly a tight, close pairs formation. They harness 1,425hp from each T-28’s Wright Cyclone radial engine, providing a dramatic, growling, aerobatic smoke-filled sequence.

Operating these vintage warbirds takes dedication and commitment from a number of volunteers. Based in Texas, the pre-season preparations this year involved a complete engine change. Also installed were a pair of Trig TY97A stack VHF radios. Chip explained, “Each T-28 now benefits from a new slimline 16-Watt stack radio, the TY97A. It is great to have extra communication options and redundancy from this high-power radio. We have flown with Trig compact radios for over three years, and we have been genuinely impressed. I have no reservations in recommending Trig equipment to fellow warbird operators and general aviation pilots alike, as they say Trig really is Better by Design.”

Chip Lamb has recently been focusing his expertise and knowledge back into the warbird community via Trojan Aviation Services and Training, LLC or known as Chip’s Flying Circus. Chip offers T-28 ground and flight training, including aerobatic and air show flying training and display validation. Chip said, “It’s highly rewarding to coach students and develop a safer and stronger warbird community. Today we have 20 graduates who have successfully completed the ground training course and are on their way to piloting their own T28.”

Look out for Chip and Robert, who will be taking part in Air Venture on Tuesday the 26th and Thursday the 28th of July. Their grey USAF and US Marines liveried Trojan’s both sport Trig logos on the cowling.

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