Australian ADS-B – The smart choice

February 1, 2023

Smart pilots are taking a break from flying to install Trig ADS-B under the VFR Rebate Program in Australia.

The Australian Government will provide up to 50% of funding towards the cost of purchase and installation of ADS-B equipment (a maximum of $5,000 Australian dollars). The Government’s objective is to improve the safety and efficiency of airspace, with a particular focus on equipping VFR aircraft.

Those looking for a dependable and easy to install ADS-B solution should evaluate the benefits of Trig Avionics products. Trig manufactures Mode S transponders to TSO C166b, the latest technical standard for ADS-B and approved in CASA’s Rebate Program.

In conjunction with a Trig Mode S transponder, a compliant GPS position source is needed to provide vital positional data for ADS-B Out. A Trig TN72 GPS Position Source is the obvious upgrade to a new or  existing Trig transponder. Certified to TSO-C199, the TN72 is capable of providing the highest quality of positional data in its class, at SIL3/SDA2. Although the TN72 is more capable than alternative solutions it is affordable, at only $493 USD list price excluding tax. A GPS antenna is required to complete the TN72 installation, Trig has two GPS antenna options, the TA50 compact or the TA70 certified antenna.

Pilots who want to upgrade their old transponder can take advantage of Trig’s TT31 stack transponder, or fit a TT21 / TN72 Conspicuity Bundle. The Conspicuity Bundle is a ‘one box’ package that includes a TT21 Compact Transponder, a TN72 GPS and a TA50 GPS antenna – costing $3,242 USD list price, excluding tax. For owners of light-sport, ultralight and homebuilt aircraft, Trig sells pre-made wiring harnesses and antennas, making installation even easier.

Trig is known for its ‘Better by Design’ philosophy, with Mode S / ADS-B Out capable transponders that use external antennas with a dependable power output, resulting in superior visibility and range. Installing Trig reduces the potential for blind spots or masking, which can be a feature of internal antennas used in lower power portable devices.

Trig equipment exceeds the required rebate technical performance standards, the TN72 GPS is the world’s class leading transponder and TABS combo, making it a sound investment. With a dedicated Australian Trig Service Centre and a network of Approved Trig Dealers, Trig is the smart choice for Australian VFR pilots. Contact your Approved Trig Dealer to find out more.

Information about the Australian Government’s ADS-B Rebate Scheme and funding applications can be found here.

A Trig pilot briefing document on the ADS-B Rebate – Improving VFR Flight Safety is also available.